Cagliari, March 7 2019 -The world leader company in fitness, wellness and athletic training will support the Luna Rossa sailing team for their athletic preparation.

Technogym - the world leader company in fitness, wellness and athletic training products and digital solutions – confirms its title of Official Supplier of training equipment, digital solutions and expertise to Team Luna Rossa Challenge- Challenger to the 36th America’s Cup. 

The partnership between Technogym and Luna Rossa stretches back to 1998.

Over the past 20 years Technogym has efficiently supported the Italian sailing team in their training with the most innovative equipment created thanks to the company’s longstanding expertise in world-class competitive sports. 

When competing in the America's Cup, every small detail and every second lost or gained can become critical for a tournament victory. Besides the technical quality of the boats – and Luna Rossa is true Formula One racing car of the sea – the athletic condition of the team members plays a key role when it comes to competing in these tough and competitive races.

Gilberto Nobili, Operations Manager of Team Luna Rossa Challenge: “Athletic preparation plays a fundamental role on the road to an America's Cup campaign. All the energy on board is produced by athletes and this time more than ever, the combination of systems efficiency and athletic performance on board will be crucial. Thanks to the collaboration with Technogym we can count on the best tools. Now it's up to us to give it our best.” 

Therefore, Technogym has equipped Luna Rossa’s training facility in Cagliari with its latest and most innovative equipment for athletic preparation: tailor-made training solutions for cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and rehabilitation training, fundamental for the team’s athletic training which also include SKILL LINE created thanks to the company’s long experience as official supplier to the last seven Olympic Games and the best athletes in the world.

The SKILL LINE collection also includes SKILLRUN treadmill, SKILLBIKE, SKILLROW and SKILLMILL, a unique solution to train speed and power at the same time.  

The Luna Rossa bespoke facility in Cagliari also includes Technogym’s EXCITE equipment for cardio and resistance training, including TOP EXCITE providing the best possible cardiovascular training for the upper body. The cyclical arm movement is extremely effective in strengthening and toning the muscles as well as improving endurance, thus helping athletes to ensure that they are in optimal physical condition.

The wide range of products cardio and strength training offered by Technogym has enabled Luna Rossa team to the exercise the specific muscle groups used during their on-board manoeuvres, ensuring optimal results via a series of exercises completed in remarkable comfort. 

Luna Rossa and Technogym represent two great examples of Italian excellence, at the forefront of innovation, technology, sport and design.



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